Q. How do I make a post?

To make a post to the Nuokka feed, simple click the + icon on the bottom navigation. This will take you to a form where you can enter the following data:

  • An image or video for the post, advertising your product or products
  • A text description for your post, telling your users what you're advertising
  • Some tags for your post, allowing you to classify it for search
  • Whether you want your post to be displayed in a specific region (defaulted to your own), or whether you want to sell in all regions. Unless you are tax registered in multiple regions and are listing your products with prices in multiple currencies, we recommend you stick to the default here.

Once you have filled in this data, you will be taken to a screen allowing you to either add new products, to associate with the post you are creating; or to pick products you have already created within Nuokka, to associate with the post.

Once you have completed the post, it may take a few minutes to display for all users because we have to process the images and video on our servers to ensure they are compressed for serving to all users.