Q. How can I use Nuokka as a standalone app?

Nuokka has been designed and built from the outset as one of a new breed of fully installable web applications. This means you can install it to the home screen of your smart Android or iOS device without having to download a separate app from an app store.

This new generation of apps are known as Progressive Web Apps, and the helpful folks over at How-To Geek have written this informative introduction to them, if you're interested in more detail:


Screenshots of iOS highlighting the location of the sharing icon and thesubsequent "Add to Home Screen" option.

Installing Nuokka on iOS

To install on iOS, you will need to access the https://app.nuokka.com site through Safari. Then select the sharing icon from the center of the icon bar at bottom of your screen, and then "Add to Home Screen" from the following pop-up. See the image for highlighted examples.

Note: The install functionality will not work through any other browser on iOS, due to limitations imposed by Apple.

Installing Nuokka on Android

To install on Android, access the https://app.nuokka.com site from your web browser. Your browser should then automatically prompt you to install, or you can choose the "Install Nuokka as an app" option from the Nuokka menu. Alternatively, you can also choose "Add to Home screen" from your browsers menu. All of these options will install Nuokka alongside the other apps in Android.