Q. What are tags and why are they important?

Tags enable you to classify the posts and products you create on Nuokka. They are powerful labels that represent communities across Nuokka. Shoppers are able to use them to both filter their feed of posts and as search terms when trying to find the things that interest them.

For example, if you were to tag a product as "book", that product is automatically associated with other products across Nuokka with the tag "book". This means that, if a shopper "follows" or searches for "book", they'll find your product alongside others in that classification.

The importance of tags

Why are tags so important? Tags are the way people can search for your products, they are also what people can follow.

Nuokka really wants to create an easy way for people to follow and support their “local”, so one of the most important tags you can use is your location. Be that your town, village, suburb, city, shire, county, whatever you know the locals will search for. This allows people to follow their local tags and see all that is on offer in their area.

Also, tag what is important to you about your products. Be that it’s handmade, brand new, latest style, blue, unicorns, made and owned in your country—all the things that makes your product unique.

Remember, you can put different tags on products, posts or your account to highlight what you want to draw attention too.

Always think about what your customers could be searching for and use those tags.

As a customer you can search tags to find and follow what you are interested in, allowing you to customise your feed to your interests.