Q. Why Nuokka?

Our mission statement

We set-up Nuokka to help small local businesses flourish and grow faster in the digital marketplace, providing them with customers, communities, and less barriers to selling. Nuokka also upgrades online shopping for consumers, enabling them to easily browse, organise, and curate their shop to make the experience deeply personalised.

Having ran our own businesses selling online, we have real experience in how difficult it can be to set-up and sell; and then to find more customers and grow in an environment where other merchants are not the only competition for consumer attention.

We believe strongly in providing a platform and toolset for merchants to take control of their destiny online. Further, we think both merchants and consumers could benefit from having a social network specifically designed for shopping.

Finally, we believe the cost of selling online can be prohibitive. It is our aim to significantly reduce that barrier, and make selling more accessible to all.

Why the name?

Since we live and work in Western Australia, the name Nuokka is an amalgamation of our two favourite Western Australian animals; the Numbat and the Quokka.