Our roadmap

  • 🦕 Dinosaurs roamed the Earth… 🦖

  • Nuokka launches! 🎉 🍾

    We help merchants sell their wares, and consumers find and buy the products that interest them!

  • Tax tracking and international launch

    Allow merchants to track sales tax, and start welcoming accounts in the UK, Europe, and United States.

  • Ecommerce integrations

    Allow merchants to integrate with other ecommerce accounts, so they can import products and export sales beyond the current CSV import/export. Likely to include Shopify, Netsuite, Magento, and other ecommerce platforms.

  • Public API and developer tools

    Allow third-party developers to start working with the Nuokka platform to build the tools and products they desire.

  • Specialised features

    Delivery of special features for merchants with pay-later services, events, bookings, and much, much more.

  • Reinventing online shopping! 🚀

    Watch this space for more…