Q. How do I list a product?

There are three places where you can add your products to Nuokka:

  1. By clicking the + button in the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Through the "Your Store" screen, accessible via the side navigation (click the icon at the top right), and also via your profile page.
  3. When adding a post, you will be taken to a screen that allows association of products. At this point you can also add a whole new product alongside selecting products you have already created.

Until you promote the product with a post, consumers can only find your products via search or the "shop" button on your profile page. To find out about making posts, take a look at the "How do I make a post?" FAQ page.

Nuokka allows you to list as many products as you like, but we generally recommend starting out by listing 1 - 6 products (because you can only associate a maximum of 3 products to each post you make).

Remember, listing products is completely free.